Real Estate Investing’s Inner Game

Every once in a while I get an internal reminder that I am a work in progress.  In this instance it was not one of those “hit you over the head with an 8 pound sledge hammer” reminders that you get when you have been particularly blind to your own faults.  It was more of a little “A Ha!” that had larger implications if uncorrected.  And by being aware of this quiet reminder, I hope to avoid the previously referenced sledge hammer in the near future!

The subject of my internal wake up call was driving a beautiful new black Mercedes 550S Class sedan and was waiting to make a left hand turn across my lane.  The driver was female, looked like she had just gotten back from the salon, and was politely waiting for me to pass.  She did nothing wrong, sat there calmly waiting for me to drive by, with her flasher on.  As I drove by I thought to myself something like:  “Oh boy, there goes another rich twit in her paid for …”


The guardian of my mind popped into my head waving his mechanical arms like the Robot in an episode of that 1960’s television series “Lost in Space.”

“Warning!”  “Warning!”  “Danger, Craig Higdon!!!”

For those of you too young to know the reference, I’m sure that you can find an old episode somewhere on cable TV.  You won’t have to wait too long before ol’ Mr. Robot shows up to give you a demonstration.

Anyway, do you realize what my “guardian” did for me?  He trounced all over a “limiting belief” and gave me a chance to correct it.

Choosing Our Beliefs

For those of you not familiar with the term “limiting belief,” I first came across it while investigating Neurolinguistic Programming, or “NLP” some years back.  NLP is a study of internal and external communication processes and its effect on human behavior.

One of the things that you learn in the course of studying NLP is that in large part our behavior is governed by our beliefs … and that our beliefs are what we make them!  Think about that for a moment … we chose all of our beliefs!  Everything that you believe about everything was a choice that you made.  You will have to take my word for it for the moment because I could fill volumes on just this aspect of NLP.